There are around 70,000 Iranian resident in B.C, a number of which have settled and formed their own societies and organizations namely, cultural, youth groups, Senior and. Some also have formed their political affiliations Seeing the seating numbers of these groups the thought of re-grouping them under a so-called single umbrella came to mind of a few, which the result of that was formation of the Iranian-Canadian Congress of B.C. in 2003 taking in 9 elected Official members from various groups in nearly 8 groups.


The Congress is an umbrella organization consisting of individuals and independent societies and Associations.

Board members:

Nine people are the total number of this body, with help of three others whose job is coordinating the overall activities.

Committee Membership:

All individuals or groups (Iranian or none-Iranian) by agreeing with the content of the structural rules and orders can become a member.


The entire financial source of support comes from community members, providing help to the societies and communities with the cultural and social activities here in Vancouver, Canada.

Activities of the Congress

The Congress has consistently been active in up keeping its goal; helping with the needs of Iranian community here in Vancouver, Canada… It also has been instrumental in developing relation and contact with its Canadian counterparts.